Chapitres Étudiants

Comité des Chapitres Etudiants - GLSLA:

Université Faculté Représentant de Faculté Ville Province
Université Concordia Département de génie civil Dr. Tarek Zayed Montréal Québec
Université McGill Département de génie civil Dr. Mohamad Meguid Montréal Québec
Queen's University Département de génie civil Dr. Ian Moore London Ontario
Université Laval Département de génie civil Dr. Geneviève Pelletier Québec Québec
University of Waterloo Département de génie civil Dr. Mark Knight Waterloo Ontario

Contacts, Charte et activités.





Concordia University - Université Concordia

Concordia NASTT logo

The Concordia Chapter of North American Society for Trenchless Technologies (NASTT) is an organisation of engineering graduates dedicated to explore and promote concepts, methods and tools that can contribute towards sustainable development and maintenance of our municipal infrastructure systems. In pursuance of its objective, NASTT has been organizing educative and training events that have attracted the attention of engineering students as well as industry practitioners of relevant domains.





McGill University - Université McGill  

McGill NASTT Logo

Queen's University

Université Laval

University of Waterloo

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